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Book Cover

A simple Hello on Social Media led to my meeting Peter Peukert, a heart of a person, who sadly and suddenly died shortly before this book came out. He introduced me to Outbird, a small publisher in the middle of Thuringia, and suggested drawing a cover for the debut work of Tom Hohlfeld. There was a lot to learn, but I was happy to get the opportunity to finally design my first book cover. I wish I could've gotten to know Peter better. Though only meeting him briefly, I could feel his passion for books, art, and everything beautiful. This work is dedicated to him. Thanks for everything, P.

On the left is the actual cover, on the right, you see a dust cover – a tadpole, a seed – both symbols of a beginning, of life itself. 

"Komorebi" is Japanese for the space between the canopy and branches that allow sunlight to gently filter through. The dappled light this creates is called komorebi and is written with the kanji characters for tree (木), shine through (漏れ), and sun (日).

MockUp Tom Hohlfeld Komorebi Edition Outbird weiß.png

EP Cover

Untethered (side one) is the first half of an evocative collection that beautifully translates songs written and nurtured over the last two years into a recorded production. Over the course of these five indie-folk songs, Dylan Goff fearlessly confronts themes such as grief, depression, insecurity, self-seeking, and love; articulating himself with brutal honesty and poetic wordplay.

Gin Label

The story of Biber & Engel begins in Bach in Tyrol, where Arno Weger and Gerhard Scholz, two passionate gin drinkers and quality hunters, decided to produce a local gin that really catches the specialties of their home, the Lechtal region. After three years of experimenting, testing, and trying they caught the spirit of a little winged beaver in a bottle (the name derives from the main ingredients Bibernelle and Engelwurz, which are collected by hand) and can now share this very special drink with you.

Biber+Engel_Gin Label_Koi.jpeg

Social Media Graphics

LIEBHABEN opposes fast fashion trends, mass production, and inhumane working conditions and stands for decelerated, socially and ecologically compatible fashion. LIEBHABEN relies on renewable, organically grown raw materials, fair production, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, sustainable packaging, and refreshingly simple designs.

Cold Heart_EP Cover_Koi.jpg
something magic_final.png

Single Cover


Stage & character design for a children's play

The children's audio book publisher "Hörschiff" took up the challenge of creating a beautifully handcrafted children's play about the many sides of death while simultaneously telling a tale about how to discover your own abilities while growing up. After the book "Die kleine Sensenfrau" by Michael Stavarič, composed by Mia Heck, directed by Michaela Aigner and Walter Till. Stage & character design by me.


Hörschiff – Kinder- & Jugend-Hörbuchverlag

The Hörschiff is a children's audiobook publisher – and a very lovely one at that! Everything is handcrafted: the songs, the voices, the ideas, the charm. So the website had to be, too. After a long thinking period, I suggested a Papercut Stop Motion header and they went with it. So together we designed the most adorable website. Take a look, it's an absolute cutie!



Harley Quinn Mural at Café Benno

One of my favourite café bars in town asked me to draw them a mural so that the wall next to the toilet doesn't look so empty, boring and old. Since it's a board and card game café, with chess tables and a couple hundred games you can borrow while enjoying a good beer with some burgers and fries, I figured I should draw some trickster character. The wall being next to the women's restroom I figured good ol' Harley would be a perfect fit. Here's a little Making-Of by the multiply talented Ewa Podgórska to the music of Gregory Alan Isakov. For a glance at the finished piece go visit Cafe Benno!

EP Cover

The Good Violence is an uncompromising, Vienna-based Indie Rock/Pop band consisting of Swedish singer/songwriter Jonathan Pinto (vocals, rhythm guitar), Thomas Voglreiter (lead guitar), Klaus Zeiner (drums), and Andreas Nocker (bass).

Unconscious Town_EP Cover_Koi.png

Single Cover

Claudia Heidegger (violin/vocals) and Joe Rodwell (trumpet/producing) first crossed paths in the mad musical melting pot of London, before murmurs of Bexit and protecting your own grew loud. When Claudia moved back to Austria, Skype, wine, laughter, and shared memories helped to shape the physical distance into a new sound that sprung from a friendship, that was developed across countries. Synthetic sounds and acoustic elements merge into a sonic invitation to defy imaginary borders and perceived limitations.

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